Hiking Trails difficulty levels


Basically a walk along a clear path for few kilometers. Usually, take less than 2 hours one way. No experience or special equipment required. Hiking shoes are not mandatory.


A hike can take between 3 – 5 hours one way along a clear trail. There can be small climbs along a rough path. It’s better to wear hiking shoes.


A hike can take between 5 – 12 hours one way or up to 24 hours round trip with an overnight stay. The trail can be rough with difficult climbs. Usually clearly marked with no risk of missing the trail. You should be reasonably fit and recommend to use hiking shoes. No other climbing equipment required.

Very Difficult

A hike can take more than 12 hours one way and more than 24 hours round trip. Most of the times will need overnight camping. Trails may not be clearly marked and could be difficult to follow without a guide or a GPS unit. Hiking shoes are recommended. Climbing equipment will be necessary for the trails involving steep rock climbings. Any trail that involves more than one day of hiking falls into this category.